Mission statement

Creating values

We create value for our customers and employees. This is ensured by innovation, close customer relationships, speed and optimised processes. We take our responsibility towards society and the environment seriously.

Achieving success through performance

We recognise and promote competence and performance. As individuals and as teams in a networked company, we take personal responsibility and act in a results-oriented manner. The decisive factor for our success is how we are rated by our customers and other stakeholders. We aim to succeed by being the partner of your choice.

Shaping the future

We are actively shaping the future of our company and our entire sector. We take the initiative, implement projects and always see change as an opportunity.


We demand and appreciate strong performance. We set ambitious standards and goals. We recognise and celebrate success. We take forward-looking opportunities that arise in the Swiss market. We are not satisfied with achieving targets, simply exceeding the results of the previous year or maintaining our market share. We measure performance by financial results, the improvements we have made and the ability to attract, nurture, and retain highly skilled and capable people.


We are committed to the goal of contributing to the success of our customers. Our mutual success is based on a constructive partnership. We strive for speed, optimised processes and peak operational performance. We fight unnecessary costs and delays in all areas.


In looking for innovations we transcend organisational boundaries both within and outside the company. We focus on goal-oriented teamwork. We regard change and mistakes as opportunities to learn, improve our skills and expand our competencies.

Employee potential

We respect, promote and develop the potential of our employees. We are always aware that potential is often underestimated and underutilised.


towards our employees, the environment and society. We assume responsibility for the environment and society. Integrity and open communication We gain trust through integrity and open communication.


is based on honest and truthful words and action. Integrity respects commitments and promises. It is based on trust and competence.

Stöber Transporte - your satisfaction is our priority