Furniture lift

Our new furniture lift is now available for everyone!

We at Stöber Transporte offer you our employee of the year - our furniture lift!

The furniture lift (inclined lift) is ideal for transporting heavy, large or bulky objects. From the 1st floor to the 8th floor, our furniture lift takes care of it.

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Lifting instead of lugging - thanks to our furniture lift

The furniture lift can be extended up to a height of 25 metres.

The weight to be conveyed depends on the angle in the assembled state. The steeper the angle, the higher the load. Currently the maximum load for each piece of furniture is 400kg.

The basket of the furniture lift can be opened completely and rotated by 90 degrees to get objects into or out of it.

The furniture lift can only be rented together with one or two of our employees, so that it can be quickly and safely assembled or dismantled.

In addition, our colleagues also support you in positioning and securing everything. In contrast to many other offers, with our service you don't need to worry about operating the equipment or possible risks. We take care of the entire operation and all your furniture and effects are insured.

If you are not sure whether the use of a furniture lift on your facade is possible, you can send us a photo of the facade and front area of your house by email or WhatsApp. We then evaluate completely free of charge whether use of a lift is possible and makes sense.

Write to us or call us for an immediate quotation and benefit from "lifting instead of lugging".

Your Stöber Transporte Team

Questions about the furniture lift?

Call us (+497631/7400600) or send us an email (

The benefits to you

  • The furniture lift and 1 operator come directly to you
  • The furniture lift can be assembled and dismantled quickly (at the touch of a button)
  • The operation of the furniture lift is carried out by experienced personnel
  • The transport of your furniture to the upper floor takes place at one-minute intervals
  • There's no damage to your furniture or staircase