Vehicle transport

Trucks, buses, construction machinery, tractors, motorhomes, caravans and everything else with wheels throughout Germany and Europe.

Vehicle transfer using your own wheels: we provide a trained driver to take your vehicle to the desired location. No matter what type of vehicle, we have the appropriate driving licences and know-how. For deregistered vehicles we have red transfer plates.

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Shipping of trucks, buses, construction machinery, tractors, motorhomes, caravans and everything else with wheels.

Shipping on our vehicle transporters

Whether your vehicle is deregistered or not ready to drive, with our car transporter & low loader we will bring it to its destination safely and reliably, no matter what its size.

Motorhomes & caravans

Direct shipping to or from the holiday resort to the desired new location.

Both new and used cars

You don't have the time or the possibility to pick up your new or used vehicle from the dealer's or the factory? Stöber-Transporte will ship the vehicle for you reliably, safely and on time.

Trucks and buses

Do you need to pick up a truck or bus from the dealer, a garage or another location and there is currently no employee available with the relevant driving licence? We can also ship a truck or bus for you.

Construction machinery

Collection and transfer of construction machinery directly to the building site or other place of use.


Before it is loaded, each vehicle is subjected to a careful condition check by our trained drivers. Its condition is recorded using e-logging and can be retrieved at any time.

Questions about vehicle transport?

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Overview of services


Transport of registered or deregistered vehicles, with their own red licence plate and including comprehensive insurance


Shipping of vehicles of any type and size throughout Germany and Europe

GPS positioning

to provide information at any time about where your vehicle is located

New vehicles

Collection of new vehicles directly from the dealer or from the factory

Leased vehicles

Return of leased vehicles to the dealer or collection points

Vehicle storage

Vehicle storage in our heated storage facilities


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